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Our professional solutions can optimize your existing files into an organized and workable bookkeeping system, which is subsequently effectively managed to ensure we stay in touch with your business transactions at the frequency that the company needs.

We’re eager to provide you with our expertise in:

  • Bank Statement reconciliation.
  • Account Payables – System Implementation.
  • Account Receivables – Custom invoicing, sales receipts, and statements.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting.
  • Financial Statements preparation.

Here at The Gallo Group we are committed to deliver the necessary results to put you – our valued business owner – where your goals are.

Payroll Solutions

In this ever-changing financial world, as a business, we strive to build and maintain long term relationships and align ourselves with your company goals, our Payroll solutions are designed to give you the reassurance that your employees’ pay is managed accurately while taking the necessary steps to keep you compliant as an employer.

We’re ready to provide you with the tools your business needs:

  • Payroll preparation & management.
  • Employee benefits administration.
  • Online payroll processing, direct deposit available.
  • Preparation of business and individual
  • Expert Payroll tax and liabilities filing.

As a family we understand the value you place in your employees, as a professional team we aim to rise above your expectations and provide your most valued assets the peace of mind they deserve from a fast, fully online and effective payroll system.

Tax Preparation

Unlike many other providers out there and automated, mass-consumer targeted tax preparing software, we pride in offering you a unique experience alongside our promise:

“We will strive to ensure your income tax preparations filings are expertly completed based on your specific circumstance and relayed securely to the IRS for a prompt refund.”

Our team is committed to continual education, we utilize our knowledge to stay on top of all the changes in codes and regulations so that you never miss an opportunity.

We work year-round to provide you today with our expertise in these areas:

  • Individual income tax return preparation. (1040)
  • Corporate income tax returns. (1120, 1120-S)
  • Non-profit organizations. (990)
  • Secure IRS e-filing delivery.
  • Past returns always stored and available.

We aim to serve you or your business with the same high level of integrity we treat our own.

Quickbooks Support

It is important to acknowledge the constant challenge business owners face when it comes to maintaining productivity in their processes, which often requires the aid of systems that can display a bigger picture of your organization, especially when it comes to finances.

Now that you’ve made the decision of taking a step into modern, effective, and digital bookkeeping implementation, let us provide you with the necessary tools to confidently leap your financial systems forward.

As certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors we can help you with:

  • Professional analysis of your accounting and software needs.
  • Quickbooks system and remote access setup.
  • Company file creation and maintenance intervals tailored to your preference.
  • Effective personnel training, ensuring Quickbooks correct use.
  • Personalized, expert support, and guidance for your Quickbooks system. (New or existing)

We are ready and willing to help you close the gap between how-to and know-how.

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