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Run your business with clarity and confidence in 2024


The Five-Point Formula is a proven framework to unlock your business's long-term profitability. It's a system designed to transform your business finances while granting you the freedom that you seek.

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We get it. Running a small business is hard.


For an overwhelmed business owner, every day feels like a relentless battle against time and resources.

You're constantly juggling financial management, striving to increase profits while cutting costs, and the pressure to pay yourself (and your employees) adequately. The anxiety of making the wrong decision looms, putting on the line not just your business's survival but your profitability and your freedom.

Freedom to design and choose how your business works for you and profitability to see your business beyond just a professional burden. It's no secret these complexities are the reason why most people spend several thousands of dollars on CPAs, CFOs, and other accounting professionals just to clean things up.

But not you. You're here because you know something needs to change; you're ready to take charge of creating a business that — ultimately — leaves you making a decent living.



Financial Health Check


Cashflow Snapshot


Allocations Tracker


Goals & Performance


Five-Point Assessment


Get to know your business down to its core.


By focusing on five key areas of financial management, The Five-Point Formula offers a structured approach to transforming the way your business will operate to pave the way for sustainable growth and profitability.

If you're looking for a tried and true way to optimize your business's finances, the Formula can help.


Financial Health Check

A no-fluff approach to a P&L

Forget complex Profit & Loss statements. We cut through the clutter to bring you the financials that are relevant to you and your business only — in simple terms and numbers.


Cashflow Snapshot

Dive into your cash flow with precision

Identify where your money comes from and where it's going. Learn how this is key to helping you make informed decisions about managing expenses, growth, and reducing financial stress.


Allocations Tracker

Strategic cash allocation made easy

Maximize the impact of every dollar with the tracker; it compares your spending against successful benchmarks for smarter fund allocation across your business.


Goals & Performance

Set attainable, within-your-reach goals

Achieve growth and sustainability through clear, measurable goals. Learn how to set them up, monitor their progress, celebrate milestones, and adjust if needed.


Five-Point Assessment

A big leap towards profitability

Check-in across all business areas to keep you on track toward profitability. Stay committed, identify challenges early, and focus efforts effectively for lasting business success.


Getting started with the Five-Point Formula is easy.

a. Start by gaining clarity

Once you join us, we'll begin by scheduling a focused onboarding session to discuss the roadmap necessary to achieve the transformation in your business that you're looking for.

💸 We'll discuss your business's current financial picture.

💸 We'll set expectations for working with the Formula and big-picture goals for this journey

b. Set your tempo

We'll find a good rhythm and decide how intensively you want to tackle the Formula based on your business dynamics and commitments outside work.

📅 We'll decide on the best approach to maintain accountability while working with the Formula.

📅 You'll have ample time between sessions to process any insights and apply changes effectively.

c. Get useful feedback

We'll meet based on our agreed schedule to review your current financials, providing in-depth analysis and constructive feedback on your performance.

💡 We'll celebrate successful milestones and identify any areas of improvement.

💡 We'll strategize the next steps and go over any concept or topics you wish to learn more about.


Is the Formula your path to profitability? Find out if you're a good fit.

You're a good fit to leverage the Five-Point Formula if:

✅ You have a small business making under $1MM in annual revenue seeking for a clear pathway for growth.

✅ You're a long-time small business owner craving to increase your compensation while ensuring lasting profitability.

✅You're a new entrepreneur or franchise owner willing to invest at the beginning to set yourself up for success in your venture.

✅ You're a family business owner aiming to secure and pass down a flourishing company to the next generation.

You're not a good fit for the Five-Point Formula if:

🚫 You're a small business owner seeking quick fixes or shortcuts to financial improvement without genuine effort.

🚫 You're an established business owner satisfied with "how things are" and resistant to adopting new financial strategies.

🚫You are an entrepreneur who prioritizes fast expansion over nurturing relationships and sustainable practices.

🚫 You're a business owner indifferent to the concept of allocating time to learn and implement financial health strategies.


All you need to unlock irreversible profitability in one place.

The Five-Point Formula

$435 to start

then $1,995 after 30 days for the whole year.*

  • Five private one-hour sessions to cover all the functional areas of your business.
  • Personalized CFO-like guidance and interpretation of your business's numbers.
  • Expertly customized Five-Point Formula dashboard to your specific needs.
  • Develop at your own pace; choose between monthly or quarterly sessions.
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*Please note these fees do not include any additional accounting services in the event your business requires them to fully benefit from this advisory.


Our guarantee: the "irreversibly profitable" promise


Dive into the Five-Point Formula with confidence.

We're so convinced you'll find value in this service that we'd like to offer a straightforward promise: if, after the first 30 days, you feel our approach isn't the right fit for your business's journey to become irreversibly profitable, we can amiably part ways.

You'll only have invested the initial $435 for the first month, with no further obligation to continue the service. All the materials are yours to keep. There are no refunds for this amount.



Working with Katie has been nothing short of amazing.
She handles all of my [financials]. I seriously don’t know what I would do without her.
It is so nice to just be able to send her the information she needs and trust that it is in the best hands!
Katie and I also worked together through [The Five-Point Formula], where we went through my expenses and saved me about $3,000 going into this year.

Ashley Dwyer

CEO & Owner, Team BDN Coaching



Working with Katie takes the STRESS out of "doing the books."
I can focus on the things I actually enjoy doing, while also being able to set important financial goals, and most importantly — start paying myself!
Something I wasn't doing, prior to working with her.

Crystal Aguila

Owner, Riley Black Designs



I've worked with Katie for the last year! She's been incredible!
She's taken all of the money matters off of my hands, and I've been able to do the fun part of my business.
I trust her so much with [my financial matters]!
Not only has she saved me money on taxes, she's saved me a lot of stress! I can't recommend her enough.

Morgan Steinborn

Owner, Morgan Steinborn Hair


Hi, I'm Katie, your new Profitability Advisor

Over the past ten years, I've been committed to serving and empowering small business owners, equipping them with the financial tools and knowledge they need to make their businesses thrive.

My journey began in private accounting, and in 2020 I realized my true calling was working with my family's firm (The Gallo Group) to take their services to the next level.

Thanks to this bold move, we have been able to deliver more education, tools, and incredible value to our clients' experience.

I thoroughly enjoy working with all the small business owners I encounter across diverse industries and figuring out how to drive success for each of their unique ventures.


We've made our mission to serve small business owners for the last 25 years.

Since 1999, The Gallo Group has served as a trusted beacon within the communities of South Florida, helping small businesses navigate the complexities of accounting and achieve their financial objectives.

As a family-run business, we take pride in the personalized approach to accounting we've developed throughout the years, one that allows us to get to know each of our clients, understand their goals, and tailor our services to meet their specific needs.

At The Gallo Group, our vision is simple — to empower business owners to succeed.

We believe every business owner deserves the opportunity to achieve their goals and make their mark on their community.

By providing top-quality accounting services, personalized support, and expert advice, we help our clients take control of their finances and turn their aspirations into reality.

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